Incorporating human dimensions into products.

Before entering a co-operation we offer to conduct a pre-analysis. This analysis covers all the steps in the value chain and a target group analysis which is essential to define how to optimize the fit and the number of Uniqsizes.

However, your target group and its specific characteristics has to be taken into consideration when conducting an optimal range of UNIQSIZEs.

For this purpose we offer you some very logic and well documented tools.

As UNIQSIZE is the only size system in the world related directly to body measurements and as we have access to the leading national surveys of body data, we are able to identify exactly the optimal way to hit the target group. No matter if you carry 8, 12 or more UNIQSIZE variations.

The following parameters are being used when ”tailoring” your specific range of UNIQSIZEs:

- Body dimensions.
- Ethnical background.
- Age.
- Income.
- Buying behavior.

and more.

The contents of the databases come from countries like:

Germany, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, USA, Japan, China, South Korea and many more

These databases are typically renewed every 10 years to meet the changing body dimensions of the consumers.

As a UNIQSIZE client we will help you to follow the development in your target group in order to create the optimal range of UNIQSIZEs.

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