Value proporsition

Size-up your profit potential with UNIQSIZE.
The losses in the fashion industry amount to billions of euros due to returns, markdowns and alterations because of wrong size or lack of fit quality.
A great part of the fashion industry base their patterns and gradings upon old and out-dated body surveys.
These faded patterns and gradings stems from a lack of awareness of the rapidly changing human form and altered consumer demographics.
UNIQSIZE offers a patent pended fit– and size concept which will help you increase sales and give you the following
competitive advantages:
• Improving full-price product selling
• Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty
• Return-rate reduction
• Logic point-of-sale solutions helping the consumers to self-service and reducing costs for expensive employees
• Better hit-rate in the target group globally and locally, due to an optimized size-range
• Reducing costs in relation to sample making
• Faster time-to-market with new products

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