Further facts

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62% of all consumers are not satisfied with the general fit of the clothes and 59% feel that they are not able to find clothes fitting their specific body shape. On the other hand 85% of all consumers are willing to buy the same brand again if the clothes are well-fitting. (Kurt Salmons Associates)

54% of all consumers try at least 10 pairs of trousers when buying trousers. The consumers blame themselves when the trousers do not fit. (Levis)

64% of all consumers in England become depressed when shopping clothes and 10% have even cried in a fitting room because the clothes do not fit. (The Sun)

Mail order companies and online distributors of clothes experience a return quote of up to 70% due to mis-fit or wrong size. (Insight Europe)

In the US studies show that ”vanity sizing” are becoming more and more popular. A university measured 1000 pair of jeans – all the same size. The difference in the waist measures from the smallest to the biggest jeans reached a total of 33 cm. (University of Northern Texas)

”Vanity sizing” is causing an annual loss of 28 billion dollars for the american society due to returns. (University of Northern Texas).

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